Alternative Funding Solutions

Navigate around the inflated costs of raising premiums with level-funded insurance plan

Level-funded is…

In a nutshell, level-funded plans are like self-insurance with training wheels.


What are the advantages?

Cash Flow

Lower, flat, monthly payments spread across the year. The best part, you’ll also get back 100% of the unused claims funds from throughout the year.

Full Protection

If your employees happen to exceed the claims fund limits, the included stop-loss coverage will foot the bills so that you don’t have to.

More Control

You’ll have the ability to work with a Benefit Bureau agent to customize your plan and put it into action without all the administrative headaches.

Here’s how it works

Transparent healthcare costs

We want you to know before you go. Now you can find out what you should be paying for healthcare services in your area with an easy-to-use search tool. This takes the guess work out of health claims by quickly comparing both cost and quality for the specific service that you’re looking for. This means less out of pocket for members and more claims fund savings for employers.


Quick facts

Average annual savings on health insurance with level-funded plans
Percentage of American employees covered by self-funded health plans

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